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Top 10 questions asked about dogecoin, best web resources

Are you clueless about dogecoin or even the cryptocurrency market? Well, here are some of the top questions asked by digital currency novices. Also, a list of some of the best Internet resources around is listed below.

1. What’s a dogecoin?

A: Dogecoin (DOGE) is a litecoin-derived cryptocurrency.

2. Why is it called dogecoin?

A: Dogecoin is based upon the Shiba Inu from the immensely popular 2013 “Doge” Internet meme, which is used as the digital currency’s primary logo.

3. How much is dogecoin worth?

A: One dogecoin is valued at less than one penny.

4. Is dogecoin just like bitcoin?

A: It shares the same concept like other cryptocurrencies, but it uses the same cryptography as litecoin and is an inflationary virtual currency as opposed to a speculative deflationary asset, such as bitcoin.

5. Where can I buy dogecoins?

A: Dogecoins can either be mined or they can be bought or traded for at online exchanges.

6. Can I make money from dogecoins?

A: It’s possible because the market fluctuates each day, but it requires buying thousands and thousands of dogecoins. It should be noted that the creators intended it as a usable currency as opposed to an investment.

7. Are dogecoins safe and secure?

A: Dogecoin is still brand new to the world of cryptocurrencies so its developers are still working out its kinks and potential vulnerabilities. Encryption and a strong passphrase are important to making sure your dogecoins are not stolen.

8. If dogecoin is just based on a meme, can I create my own cryptocurrency?

A: Yes. You can use the publicly available bitcoin open source code.

9. Is dogecoin a better digital currency than bitcoin?

A: It all depends on your economic viewpoint: inflation vs. deflation, currency vs. asset

10. Who accepts dogecoin?

A: Dogecoin isn’t as widespread as bitcoin, but there are several retailers accepting dogecoins.

Web Resources

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