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Top 10 pretty weird sports

Of course you're all sports fans: you're here after you saw this title because you're intrigued as sports nuts are. I'm a fan and I was surfing for a story to write about and the chess players at first struck me as unusual to start off a video with.

As a school kid in eighth grade I took a class called "The History of Sports." It was a nine-weeks class and we were told to analyze where you draw the line between sports and simply games.

Chess inspired some thought and I'm still pretty sure it's not a sport: it's a game, a board game. When you combine it with boxing then that's a sport. It's a really strange sport.

These inspired people acted in the spirit of having so much fun people will do videos about them and then inspire writers like me to write more stories about them: these people who have assaulted the limits of our imagination

Check out this top 10 of pretty weird sports.

Top 10 Pretty Weird Sports

  •'s one word; the boxing is straightforward but the combination is confusing. Some people play chess between the rounds and some prefer to play the chess first. Which do you prefer?
  • Finger's a simple but misunderstood sport. Unlike thumb wrestling finger wrestling involves both competitors pulling each other with a small rope connecting the hands, intertwined through two fingers.
  • Indoor skydiving...of course, I can imagine you saying, there's no actual sky inside. The sky is an artifical skydiving effect created by huge fans blowing up and creating a "forever" skydive.
  • Pumpkin boat racing...this is well understood just by the title. So build a boat out of a real pumpkin. Are those really seaworthy? Check it out.
  • Segway know those funny things people in cities ride on to tour the sights. Well then, just put a mallet in their hands and you have a still, I'm sure, misunderstood hybrid sport.
  • Extreme, it's not about iron barbells. It's so much stupider than that. Imagine, if you will, a person stupid enough to set up an ironing board in a crocodile pit. That's what I said.
  • Sand skiing...imagine something so rough you use it to sand surfaces smooth. Now think about skiing down sand dunes. What?
  • Gravy wrestling...this is simple. You get a lot of beer and get real drunk and girls are mandatory in this sport. Drunkenesss is also mandatory.
  • Shin kicking...I'll admit it I had to go back and see what this sport is about. I think it's a British sport; there's a lot of kicking of shins which goes without saying. The competitors do wear shin guards which, I suppose, is disappointing to some people.
  • Car rolling...this sport doesn't seem dangerous, does it? This sport involves driving a car on a track and intentionally rolling it over. Hopefully you'll roll it back in a 360 degree roll onto its wheels. Wow.
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