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Top 10 movies: ‘Need for Speed’ hits the breaks, settles for third

'Mr. Peabody and Sherman'
'Mr. Peabody and Sherman'
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Three films joined the Box Office this weekend, “Need for Speed,” “Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club,” and “Veronica Mars.” On Monday, March 17, the Box Office updated their charts to feature the top 10 movies of the weekend. Did you go see one of the new debuts, or settle for something already in theaters?

“300: Rise of An Empire” and “Mr. Peabody & Sherman” switched places from last week, with “Mr. Peabody” coming out on top with $21.2 million. This means that none of the debuts landed at number one. The closest to the top spot was “Need for Speed,” which landed third with $17.8 million. Unless it’s an installment from the “Fast and Furious” franchise, audiences don’t seem too interested in this genre, despite how much Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman, “Breaking Bad”) hyped it up.

The gazillion (sarcasm) Tyler Perry tribute, “Single Ladies Club,” debuted at number five with a low $8.3 million. This is the first time a Perry film opens with single digits.

The third and last new addition, “Veronica Mars,” barely made it to the tenth spot with $2 million. However, the sum isn’t at all bad considering it was made from a kick-starter campaign thanks to fans of the canceled series.

  1. “Mr. Peabody & Sherman” $21.2 million
  2. “300: Rise of An Empire” $19 million
  3. “Need for Speed” $17.8 million
  4. “Non-Stop” $10.6 million
  5. “Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms” $8.3 million
  6. “The LEGO Movie” $7.7 million
  7. “Son of God” $5.4 million
  8. “The Grand Budapest Hotel” $3.6 million
  9. “Frozen” $2.1 million
  10. “Veronica Mars” $2 million
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