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Top 10 movies: Kevin Hart rides along to number one

Finally, more than one film was released to theaters this weekend. The new choices were Kevin Hart’s comedy “Ride Along,” animated “The Nut Job,” Chris Pine’s “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit,” and horror flick “Devil’s Due.” On Monday, January 20, the Box Office updated their charts to feature the top 10 movies of the weekend.

Top 10 movies: Kevin Hart rides along to number one
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Critics didn’t laugh along with Kevin Hart in his latest movie, “Ride Along,” giving low scores and reviews. But that didn’t stop the comedian’s fans to hit the theaters this weekend. The comedy brought in an estimated $41.2 million, placing it at number one in the top 10.

“The Nut Job” beat long-time champion “Frozen,” but it was far from being number one. The animated feature accumulated $20.5 million, enough to reach the third spot. “Lone Survivor” beat it to number two with $23.2 million.

“Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” disappointed fans and critics with a weak, predictable, mediocre plot and poor performances. The movie brought in a low $17.2 million, placing it at number four.

Horror flick “Devil’s Due,” didn’t scare up as many fans as it had hoped. As the weakest debut this weekend, the film collected $8.5 million, barely making it to the top 10 in seventh place.

  1. “Ride Along” $41.2 million
  2. “Lone Survivor” $23.2 million
  3. “The Nut Job” $20.5 million
  4. “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” $17.2 million
  5. “Frozen” $11.9 million
  6. “American Hustle” $10.6 million
  7. “Devil’s Due” $8.5 million
  8. “August: Osage County” $7.6 million
  9. “The Wolf of Wall Street” $7.5 million
  10. “Saving Mr. Banks” $4.1 million
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