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Top 10 movies for Christians



As I was checking out the previews of the upcoming movie, The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry, I began to compile a list of the Top Ten all-time movies for Christians. To qualify for my list, I had to have seen the movie myself – not very hard, I’m a classic movie fan. Also, I decided that a series of movies could be lumped into one (see how the author can just make up his own rules).   Finally, the movies don't have to present the Gospel necessarily, but they have to provide encouragement and meaning that Christians appreciate (without ruining the film with senseless sex, violence, or crudeness).  That being said, here’s my list:

1. The Passion of the Christ: the ultimate story about the ultimate sacrifice.  Emotional is an understatement. 
2. It’s a Wonderful Life: who can’t relate to George Bailey?  "Zuzu's petals!  Yay!!!!"
3. Chariots of Fire: beautiful, thoughtful, and inspiring without being sappy.
4. Raiders of the Lost Ark: “Snakes! I hate snakes!”  Me too!  All-time Biblical-archaeological fun.
5. Lord of the Rings Trilogy: Great story, great acting, great scenery, great directing.
6. Toy Story 1 & 2: Classic films about friendship, sacrifice, and loyalty.   Very funny, too!
7. Facing the Giants: Despite the occasional hokey-ness (is that a word?), loved the raw, real, radical redemption message.
8. Ben-Hur: epic film, classic Charlton Heston, awesome chariot race.
9. The Mission: wonderful yet under-appreciated DeNiro film about missions amid political struggle.
10. Robert Duvall 2-pack (I couldn’t help myself): Tender Mercies and The Apostle; same great actor, two incredibly different roles, one main theme: sin, redemption, and forgiveness.

I’d love to know yours, so please chime in.

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