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Top 10 most popular mythical monsters - part two

Shadow of Count Orlock in the 1922 film Nosferatu
Shadow of Count Orlock in the 1922 film Nosferatu
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In the previous article, the top ten most popular mythical monsters list was started starting with the least popular at number ten. However, the list ended at number six. Now to continue with the other half of the list.

5. Sirens. Sirens are generally misunderstood. Popular belief says they’re half woman/half monster and live to lure sailors to their murky death in the ocean with their irresistible songs. However, this is far from the truth, though they do end up killing pretty much everyone who hears them.

4. Demons. To be possessed by a demon…to be haunted by a demon…According to sources, anyone having anything to do with demons would experience a fate worse than death. Unlike with many other dark creatures, the media hasn’t done anything to lighten the public’s view of this particularly nasty being. Quite the opposite in fact.

3. Werewolves. Although no monster’s life (or afterlife as the case may be) can be considered “easy,” werewolves really got a bum deal. Having to undergo that painful transformation with all their bones reforming and their skin ripping apart to become a wild beast that will just as soon eat someone as look at them? Anyone with a conscience certainly wouldn’t want to be a werewolf.

2. Dragons. Most likely based off of the fossilized remains of dinosaurs, dragons run rampant throughout mythology all around the world. But the two kinds of dragons the masses are most familiar with are the dragons of Europe and the completely unrelated dragons of the Orient.

1. Vampires. Who doesn’t love Dracula? He’s suave, sensual, sexy - three very important ‘S’ words. Heather Hartley of Colorado State University comes a little closer to the times by saying she loves vampires because of the newer hit Twilight. Despite the modern good side of the vampire that Edward Cullen and his family portray, vampires have been held in dread for most of their mythological existence and for very good reason too.

Not surprisingly, vampires came up as the number one most popular mythical monster. However, dragons were a close second, kept from first place by only a few points. Too bad for the dragons, but could anyone really be surprised with how much a fad vampires have become in the past few years with the movies, books, and tv series on them?



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