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Top 10 James Bond Vehicles

Almost everybody who has ever seen a James Bond movie knows about the incredible cars this savvy spy uses to thwart criminals, escape secret police and perform all sorts of amazing feats; however, James Bond has also had some pretty amazing vehicles that can’t be categorized as cars – ones that are even more impressive, but aren’t talked about nearly as frequently.

Below, you can find a rundown of the top 10 James Bond vehicles not made famously by Rolls-Royce, BMW or Bentley.

1. Little Nellie

Featured in the film “You Only Live Twice,” Little Nellie was basically a tiny airplane-helicopter combination (an autogyro) that looked like something out of the future because of its bright paint and tiny frame. Few people know that Little Nellie was a real device. In fact, it was often taken to airshows and flown by its owner-- until a minor crash stopped the demonstrations for good in 1986.

2. Bell Rocket Belt

Prominently featured in “Thunderball,” the Bell Rocket Belt was pretty much a jetpack-like device designed around the real but never-quite-perfected Bell Jet Belt. Sadly, no real rocket belt has ever been made – at least as far as we know.

3. Wetbike

The Wetbike is exactly what it sounds like – a device designed to imitate a motorcycle, but in the water. The Wetbike was used in “The Spy Who Lived Me,” and it also appeared in the George Clooney film red surf in 1990.

4. AEC Regent RT-Type Double-Decker Bus

Double decker busses are all over England, so it should be no surprise that one was featured in “Live and Let Die.” Of course, the bus Bond steals in the movie is not considered to be normal as he drives it while the top-half is ripped completely off.

5. Moon Buggy

James Bond’s Moon Buggy was featured in “Diamonds Are Forever” and, surprisingly, it is a real device designed for military and NASA use. In fact, the Moon Buggy was used to carry astronauts and supplies on the last three missions of the Apollo program in the United States.


The VAB AFV is an armored fighting vehicle designed for military use, and the one featured in “The Living Daylights” was equipped with all sorts of infantry artillery. It was also completely resistant to shrapnel and bullets.

No wonder Bond always wins with access to vehicles like this!

7. T-55 M5

The T-55 M5 is a tank, but not just any tank. It’s a soviet military tank designed for the Russian Reserve Army that Bond used in “Golden Eye.” The nearly-impenetrable tank was outfitted with four machine guns, additional room for up to six more machine guns and an anti-aircraft heavy machine gun.

8. New Holland Tractor

If James Bond’s character isn’t resourceful, he’s nothing at all. In “Casino Royale,” Bond actually uses a tractor – and a heavy hauling truck – to take care of business. A tractor may not be as hip as a Russian tank, but when used by James Bond, it’s a pretty exciting vehicle all on its own.

9. The Concorde

In “Moonraker” James Bond actually commandeers the Concorde to fly to Rio De Janeiro – which wasn’t exactly a planned stop. Having taken its last flight in 2003, many young Bond fans have probably never even seen the Concorde, let alone seen James Bond “borrow” it.

10. Lotus Esprit S1 Submarine

Commonly referred to as “The Wet Nellie,” the Lotus Esprit S1 submarine is perhaps Bond’s coolest vehicle of all time. Used in “The Spy Who Loved Me,” the submarine is actually a one-person device designed to help Bond go undetected deep in the depths of the ocean.

James Bond may be the epitome of the suave spy and international man of mystery, but without his vehicles, chances are the franchise might not have made it with younger fans. After all, charm and good looks can only take you so far.

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer and hard-working business owner in California who writes for Dunkel Bros. She loves watching James Bond with her family and finds the technology in the films to be quite impressive.

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