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Top 10 Internships in Towson, Maryland

What you'll get if you intern
What you'll get if you intern

Internships in Towson, Maryland are fairly easy to find. There are healthcare systems on every corner. Government agencies are just down the road in Washington, D.C. If you are a student attending a Maryland university, your school's career center offers plenty of opportunities to connect with businesses in the area.

Remember not all internships pay a salary, but they can pay you in experience and networking connections. If you find a paid internship, pursue it like you would pursue a job: research the company, connect with employees, and market your skills to suit the company's current needs.

Here are some opportunities and websites to get you started. This list includes a variety of industries and sectors as well as search databases where you can set up search agents and get weekly notifications.

  1. USAJobs (government job/internship database)
  2. America's Future Workforce (nonprofit organization that organizes internship opportunities for you)
  3. Indeed (job/internship database)
  4. Internships (website solely devoted to internships)
  5. Intern Match (website solely devoted to internships)
  6. John Sarbans (congress representative that supplies internship opportunities)
  7. Maryland Court Internships (internship opportunities created to introduce students to working within the Maryland Court system)
  8. Shiver Center (internship opportunities created to introduce college students to working within Maryland State Government)
  9. Office of the Public Defender (internship opportunities created to introduce students to working within the Maryland OPD)
  10. Baltimore Collegetown (search database solely devoted to internships)
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