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Top 10 inspirational sports movies

Many people remember "The Pride of the Yankees." That movie from the 1950s starring Gary Cooper was, perhaps, the first big movie that started Hollywood making inspirational movies about sports. It was not on this list.

"Brian's Song" was a big movie in the early 1970s that was inspirational. It told the story of Chicago Bears player Brian Piccolo who got cancer and died as a 20-something.. Gale Sayers--who was his team mate at the time-- appeared in the movie

"Rudy" is number one on this list. Rudy is a kid who was too small and too slow and yet pursued his dream to wear a Notre Dame football uniform. And he did.

"Rocky" with Sylvester Stallone is here as is "Field of Dreams" with Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones.

"Miracle" is here and is timely in as much as it recounts the story of the United States Olympic hockey team's upset win in 1980 to win a gold medal.

"Seabiscuit" is a horse story that is about a country enduring the Great Depression that needed to defy the odds as this horse did to succed and to become a champion.

"The Natural" with Robert Redford is a story about a baseball player who wouldn't give up his dream of being a major league ballplayer.

"Hoosiers" is set in Indiana and tells about a high school basketball team that united to ovecome more talented teams to become champions.

"Warrior" tells the story of two brothers who were mixed martial artists and who both pursued the same championship trophy. And only one of them could, of course, win it.

Top Ten Most Inspirational Sports Movies

  1. "Rudy"
  2. "Brian's Song"
  3. "Field of Dreams"
  4. "Miracle"
  5. "Hoosiers"
  6. "Rocky"
  7. "The Natural"
  8. "The Blind Side"
  9. "Sea Biscuit"
  10. "Warrior"
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