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Top 10 ingredients found in Halloween candy

GMO candy
GMO candy
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Halloween for many is a time of fun and exciting activities. For kids, it has been, unfortunately, been drilled into their heads that Halloween is a time for candy and lots of it. In fact, this is all most kids see Halloween for. If that is the case then we are all doomed if we continue to allow our kids to be poisoned by genetically modified candy (GMOs). During a time when our kids walk from door to door and business to business collecting tons of food that will no doubt be eaten as fast as possible we have to ask ourselves, what are we feeding our kids?

GMO candy
Author Merlyn Seeley

Whether you are a parent that cares or not if your kids are eating GMO candy, one thing is certain, we all have the right to be good parents which means we have the right to know what we are feeding children on such a time as Halloween. According to,, in an article dated October 28, "the I-522 initiative has become the most contentious and expensive issue on the November ballot." Some argue that it is our right to know what is GMO and what is not so a proper, informed decision can be made about what we are eating and feeding our kids.

Dr. Bronner's is a leading contributor to the YES vote on I-522, pouring in much money to fight the bio-engineering companies who are also pouring in loads of money yo fight back and to lie to consumers. According to, "Bronner was a driving force behind a California ballot measure to require labeling of GMO foods. It was narrowly defeated by a 53-47 percent margin last November."

Others argue that this will only raise prices for consumers and not provide an informed decision because there is no official proof of the dangers of GMO's. Think of the tons of poison being entered into our children's bloodstream every Halloween, this is exactly what takes place when we allow them to gather GMO candy on Halloween and eat spontaneously until it is all gone. There are alternatives. There are organic candies, you do not have to be apart of the poisoning of the "trick or treaters" and we do not have to allow our kids to be poisoned to death from eating GMO candy.

Here are the top 10 GMO ingredients found in Halloween candy, make the choice to say no to distributing poison candy and and to allowing your kids to eat it:

1- Sugar- GMO sugar beets
2- High Fructose Corn Syrup- GMO corn
3- Corn starch- GMO corn
4- Soy Lecithin- GMO soy
5- Soybean oil- GMO soy
6- Modified Corn Starch- GMO corn
7- Fructose, Dextrose, Glucose- GMO corn
8- Cottonseed oil- GMO cotton
9- Canola oil- GMO canola
10- "Other"-Ingredients: isolates, isoflavones, food starch, vegetable oil- All GMO

Try this, instead of following this horrible tradition of regular, dangerous candy distribution and consumption, go with either organic candies, or non-candy goods! Most children would love to get money rather than candy any day. If everyone handed out just $1, children could come home with loads of cash, instead of dangerous candy. Here are some articles that spell disaster when you allow kids to consume massive amounts of GMOs:






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