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Top 10 industries hiring grads

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Graduation season is almost here and many college graduates will be eagerly scouring every online job posting and social networking website for their very first “real” job.

Many graduates have high hopes and expectations in finding a well–paid job with medical benefits, a vacation package, and an employer 401K-contribution plan in their field upon graduating.

However, the reality is that the U.S. economy still hasn’t rebounded since 2008, and there are many qualified, experienced employees still searching for work just to pay the bills.

For new graduates, that means the competition is fierce and each person should have something spectacular on their resume in order to compete with experienced employees seeking employment.

Although some college graduates do find work in their field upon graduation, most do not and end up either continuing to work their college job or find another job that has nothing to do with their industry until something better comes along.

Your first job after college may not be the one you want to do forever, but it can be a stepping-stone in the right direction to getting closer to where you do want to work.

All hope is not lost with the job search as there are several industries still looking to hire college graduates to fill vacant positions in their companies.

Top 10 industries hiring grads right now:

1. Accounting & Legal
2. Business Services
3. Construction, Repair & Maintenance
4. Finance
5. Health Care
6. Information Technology
7. Manufacturing
8. Media
9. Restaurants, Bars & Food Services
10. Retail