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Top 10 Heroes for taking down 'Dota 2' Year Beast

The Year Beast missing a tail
The Year Beast missing a tail

The Year Beast's window of engagement is halfway closed and now is the time to turn all those leftover ingots into jade tokens. A lot has changed in the short amount of time we have had to explore this encounter but the community has quickly found the best heroes to take on the beast.

10: Death Prophet- Her ultimate brings a lot of damage and with a refresher you can maintain it most of the fight. She also doesn't need many items so she can stock up on fireworks and mines to support the team.

9: Drow Ranger- High damage with high mobility and decent range, there is nothing not to like about Drow, especially when you consider the damage aura she brings the other ranged on her team.

8: Lone Druid- He isn't as popular as most other heroes on the list but with excellent move and attack speed he can be mobile and dish out damage. His real strength is that his bear can run around reviving teammates while he is still able to damage the boss.

7: Invoker- Invoker doesn't see a lot of play but his forge spirits armor reduction paired with alacrity make him an excellent semi support. You can grab assault and desolator 2 to free up your carries inventory slots and carry some fireworks and mines as well.

6: Necrophos- Ethereal blade teamed with Necro ultimate can take a tail or horn from half hp to nearly dead. On top of that he can pile up massive stocks of fireworks and mines after his refresher and aghanims. Healing your allies doesn't hurt either.

5: Templar Assassin- Refraction allows her to avoid 6 points of damage almost constantly throughout the fight which allow her to avoid most of the beast's mechanics. Her high damage and armor reduction from meld just add onto to that making her a deadly force.

4: Troll Warlord- Troll brings his own high damage but what really makes this hero shine is his ability to drastically increase his allies attack speed regularly with his ultimate. This allows your allies to focus on prioritizing raw damage and maximizing their overall damage on the beast.

3: Lifestealer- Open wounds gives your team the ability to fully heal themselves while doing damage to bring any hero on your team the sustain they need. Rage gives him the ability to avoid mechanics and deal the damage necessary.

2: Luna- Her glaives ability to bounce to from the body to the horn and tail make her an excellent source of damage to the entire beast. The fact that she can give her allies bonus damage only makes her more viable.

1: Warlock- Fatal Bonds allows any damage done to the body to also deal a portion to the tail and horn of the beast. This helps any team keep the tail and horn locked down. On top of that his ult can block fireballs while dealing incredibly high damage. When you consider he can heal his allies and do all this without spending much gold on items, allowing him to stockpile fireworks and mines, he is an obvious choice to any team

Hopefully this has been helpful to you and if you have any thoughts of your own please feel free to comment below.

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