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Top 10: Gluten-free menus to try in 2014

Gluten-free meals
Gluten-free meals

There never seems to be enough time in the day to accomplish all of the things I want to and that includes enjoying a meal out. I love to dine out, but living in the burbs, we don't get out as much as I would like. This leaves many restaurants out there offering gluten-free cuisine that I still need to visit.

Here are my top 10 gluten-free menus/menus with gluten-free options to try in 2014:

  • Arepa Mia - I have been to this lovely restaurant located in Sweet Auburn Market, but I have yet to try everything on their entirely gluten-free menu, so I have to get my butt in gear. I have tried the arepas, cachapas, and the fried sweet plantains, so their empanadas, sides, and various flavors of arepas are scheduled to get in my belly soon.
  • Cine Bistro - who wouldn't want to watch a movie and chow down on high-end food at the same time? This restaurant has all of their gluten-free dishes marked on their menu. I am most excited to try their Chocolate Cake with a hint of almond, layered with mousse, wrapped in chocolate lattice and served with both chocolate and raspberry sauces.
  • General Muir - I am dying to try out their meats and I am happy to do so with/without any bread. I have seen countless pictures of their mouth-watering sandwiches and the staff has offered to make one for me, if I bring in some gluten-free bread. Of course, precautions will be taken, but I am quite excited to take a big bite.
  • One Flew South - this year I vow to get to the airport early enough to allow time to dine on the gluten-free options at this award-winning restaurant. This restaurant is located in Concourse E, and its 'Southernational' cuisine is inspired by world travels and it is prepared with high quality, fresh, local ingredients. They also offer an array of prepared to-go items. All of their gluten-free items are marked with a '*' on the menu.
  • Seed Kitchen & Bar - in Marietta is dedicated to providing a safe and tasty dining experience for those who follow a gluten-free diet. “From day one, we knew that gluten-free was going to be a big part of our agenda,” says Doug Turbush, chef and owner. All of their gluten-free items (there are many) are prepared using safe handling procedures and they are noted on the menu with a "gf".
  • Smoke Ring, The - this restaurant offers a marriage of barbecue and Southern cuisine and it has so many gluten-free options that I could make a meal out of the sides alone. All of their gluten-free items are marked with a (G), but I am not sure they offer a dedicated gluten-free fryer for fries, pork rinds, etc.
  • The Pinewood -of all the many, many, many trips I have made to Decatur, somehow I have neglected to dine at The Pinewood. According to the restaurant, 60%+ of their menu is gluten free and marked with a (g). Several other items could be modified to be safe too.
  • The Spence - I recently learned they offer a flourless chocolate cake for dessert and they are very accommodating for those with gluten intolerance/sensitivity.
  • True Food Kitchen - a restaurant that wants to 'give your body nutrients, and your palate something memorable' is definitely one I want to visit. They take very basic ingredients that are good for you and transform them into mouth-watering entrees. All of their gluten-free items are marked with a 'gf' and there appear to be many.
  • Zeal Restaurant - recently opened and its chef, Eric Mulville, was named Atlanta Chef Expo's Most Creative Chef and he won first place on CNN's Gluten Free Cook Off. Maybe that's why more than 70 percent of their menu is gluten free.

What restaurants are on your horizon? What looks good to you?

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