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Top 12 funniest, most memorable moments on season 7 of 'The Game'

In the last couple of seasons, "The Game" has been jam-packed with stereotypes, the most ridiculous stunts ever (ex. Peanut moving into a new place with his guns labeled on the top of the box) and way too much drama about baby mommas. But the seventh season is probably the funniest and least predictable since the show transitioned to BET from CW.

701 The Jersey Episode (Pt. 1): "My gawd, man. You look like The Soloist," Jason says after seeing an unbathed, unshaven Malik Wright.
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images for BET
Actor Coby Bell attends the CBS Paramount Network Television's 'The Game' party at The Montalban on September 27, 2008 in Hollywood, Calif.
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The entire cheating scenario between Tasha Mack, Peanut and Rick Foxx last season was worth muting the television. She was louder and even more ghetto than usual. But every time Tasha is in a scene with Chardonnay, it's difficult not to enjoy their wacky friendship.

And the other couples have been fun to watch.

Bryce "Blue" Westbrook and Keira Whitaker are a refreshing addition to the cast, even if there is still a special place in fans' hearts for Melanie "Med School" Barnett and Derwin Davis (before the endless drama with Janay). Please, no kids for Blue and Keira.

It's always a pleasure to see Kelly Pitts again even if Chardonnay and Jason Pitts are the most adorable, polar opposite couple on TV.

Season 7 has more versatility in the dialogue, the cast and the story lines. And the jokes have gotten better and better. It's unclear where the changes came from, but the show is worth smiling about all over again and proves why a petition brought the show back to life.

Click the gallery above to check out the top 12 funniest lines and most memorable scenes from this season of BET's "The Game." What's even better is there are still a few episodes left. Expect the funny to continue.

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