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Top 10 'Full House' Moments that we Love

10. Stephanie gets married
10. Stephanie gets married
Celebrity Cafe

In a time of remakes in Hollywood, television is taking a turn down the remake road as well and it doesn't look that bad. 'Full House' is making a comeback with original cast as they are still alive and more popular as celebreties and guest stars then they were at the time. This reboot is owed to the actions of John Stamos, who is having a diverse acting career. Perhaps this is an edgier full house as Bob Saget isn't as innocent as we thought he was. In order to get caught up, we need to look at the top 10 moments of 'Full House' according to Celebrity Cafe.

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10. Stephanie gets married

Stephanie suggests that she marries her best friend, Harry. They have a “real” wedding, complete with their friends.

9. Jesse meets Rebecca for the first time

Rebecca Donaldson, who works with Danny Tanner on their television news program, is over at the Tanner house, Jesse meets his future wife for the first time.

8. Rebecca’s having a baby

Rebecca finally decides to tell Jesse she's having a baby while playing picture charades. Jesse guesses "Shes having a hotdog." She gets frustrated and blurts out the answer.

7. Jesse makes Michelle smile

Jesse sings a song he wrote for her, which follows some flashbacks of moments when Michelle was growing up.

6. Joey gives Stephanie courage

Young Stephanie is afraid of getting a dental exam. Joey gives Stephanie the courage with jokes.

5. Jesse makes cereal

After he got a hair cut, courtesy of his young niece Stephanie, Jesse ended up breaking both his arms after a motorcycle accident. In this hilarious scene he tries to eat cereal with two broken arms.

4. Hole in the wall

Stephanie and DJ are in big trouble when they poke a hole in their dad’s bedroom wall. They sing songs and use Michelle as a distraction to get the hole fixed.

3. Forever Song

Jesse performs a song for his bride, Rebecca with a choir.

2. Comet’s birthday

The family dog, Comet, is one of the most beloved pets and he got his own special birthday party (he was actually born on Uncle Jesse’s bed) courtesy of Stephanie. Danny has all of his doggy friends there to celebrate.

1. Michelle loses memory

When the show’s last episode aired, it showed Michelle getting knocked off a horse and losing her memory. As time goes on, she has a hard time getting her memory back.

In the same episode, DJ is also preparing for prom. At the end of the show, Michelle finally remembers her life, including her beloved family, and DJ ends up with a special prom date, the boy she dated for a long time, Steve.

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