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Top 10 Fantasy Worlds

Worlds of fantasy have always been with us from the bizarre to the creepiest. Let's take a look at the top 10 througout books and movies.

10. Westeros from "Game of Thrones"

  • map
  • The world is devided into several continents. The story takes place on Westeros, which consists of seven kingdoms. The North, the Iron Islands, Mountain and Vale, the Rock, the Storm kings, the Reach, Dorne. There is also an unmapped area to the north, separated by a massive wall of ice and old magic.

9. Florin and Guilder "The Princess Bride"

8. Toon Town "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"

  • Here you will find everything toon. From talking and dancing Rabbits to talking and driving cars that even drive cars.

7. Neverland "Peter Pan"

  • map
  • Second star to the left and straight on till moring. Where kids never grow up and adults are pirates.

6. Wizarding world of "Harry Potter"

  • Where Wizards and witches get trained. But they do live among us muggles.

5. Labyrinth "Labyrinth"

  • To reach the castle of the Gablin King you must go through this dangerous labyrinth.

4. Wonderland "Alice in Wonderland"

  • map
  • Be cautious in this world for you may become mad as a hatter. You'll be lucky if the Queen dosen't find you because it will be off with your head.

3. Fantasia "The Neverending Story"

  • This world has many creatures, anything the imangination can conjure up, including a luck Dragon, but beware of the nothingness.

2. Middle-earth "The Lord of the Rings"

  • map
  • Filled with Hobbits, Dwalfs, Wizards, and Elves but for as many good and pure creatures there are also dark and decitfuls such as Orcs and Ringwaths working for the Dark one. All searching for the one ring to rule them all.

1. Land of OZ "The Wizard of OZ"

  • map
  • If your house ever falls on a witch in this land you'll be in good company with the Munchkins and Glinda, the good witch. Just follow the yellow brick road to the wizard to find your way home.

There it is. I'd say that's a pretty good collection. I would just add a few like Pandora from Avatar and Ender from ROTJ but that's me. What strange and wounderous places would you add?

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