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Top 10 companies to launch careers for college graduates

You have finally achieved an outstanding milestone - acquiring your college degree.  So now what?  You're receiving advice from friends, family, and loved ones.  But your career choices and decisions are your responsibility.  We spend approximately 30 years of our lives working, so it's critical to choose a career that aligns with your skills, beliefs, values, and most important, your PASSIONS!

If you're fortunate enough to land a job, you may find the prospect of rapid advancement surprisingly strong.  However, don't count on bigger salaries right off the bat.  Craig Johnson, President of Phillip Morris USA, says, "There are more opportunities than there were a few years ago.  Many companies have streamlined their operations,so there's a greater chance for people to stand out."

Standing out may be the only chance new college grads have to get ahead.  This is your opportunity to assess your unique skills, talents, and abilities.  What do you bring to the table that places you ahead of the competition.  Is your resume eye-friendly?  Do you have a well-crafted job portfolio?  As a college grad, you are competing with individuals who possess not only top-notch skills, but also corporate experience.  These individuals have been laid off, and they are waiting to jump back into the corporate world once the recession lifts.  To rise head and shoulders above the millions of job seekers, college grades must:

1- Be ambitious

2- Get positioned

3- Get creative

4- Get noticed

5- Network, network, network!

Following are the top ten companies to target.  These rankings are based on U.S. Colleges, Universum USA, and a Philadelphia research company  The following list counts them down from from the least to the best:

10- J.P. Morgan (Investment Banking)

 9-  IBM Corporation (Technology)

 8- Target (Retail)

 7- Teach For America (non-profit/government)

 6- Goldman Sachs (Investment banking)

 5- U.S. State Department (non-profit/government)

 4- KPMG (Accounting)

 3- PricewaterhouseCoopers (Accounting)

 2- Ernst & Young (Accounting)

 1- Deloitte & Touche (Accounting)

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Cathy Holloway Hill

Certified Career Consultant




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