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Top 10 budget food tips of 2010: Learning to love your leftovers

Only 3 more tips to go!  Check back soon for another money-saving idea.
Only 3 more tips to go! Check back soon for another money-saving idea.
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Learning to love your leftovers can be a difficult lesson, but once you figure out how to make that chicken work for two recipes (or more) you'll look at leftovers in a different light. 

So what creative methods are available these days?  An endless variety limited only by your creativity.  To begin, try the truly southern staple: Casseroles!  Casseroles can be made with any number of ingredients.  All you need is a base (rice, potatoes, green beans, etc.), a protein (chicken, beef, pork, etc.) a sauce and a topping, which is optional, but usually helps provide texture and crunch.  Just consider the base.  If you've roasted some potatoes this week and have leftovers, add them to your casserole dish.  Have some mashed potatoes leftover?  Try a mashed potato casserole or a modernized shepherd's pie. Cooked rice (or even uncooked in some cases) make a great casserole.  One of my favorite combinations is to use leftover rice and lemon pepper chicken in a casserole, using a homemade cheese sauce with lemon pepper added to combine the tastes.  The possibilities are practically endless.

Another great way to get rid of leftovers is making a homemade soup.  Consider using small amounts of leftover vegetables or pasta to create a vegetable beef stew.  This provides a great way to get rid of something when you only have a little bit left over and not enough to serve at the next meal, set them aside or freeze them to add them to a soup or stew.  This works well for corn, green beans, all types of pasta and anything else you can imagine. 

With these two suggestions in mind, think of some ways to makeover those leftovers and stretch your buck. 



  • Winona Cooking Examiner 5 years ago

    Great way to re-serve leftovers so the family can enjoy another wonderful home-cooked meal without spending hours in the kitchen.

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