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Top 10 budget food tips of 2010: Cashing in

We are almost done with the top 10 budget food tips of 2010, and you can bank on this next to last tip saving you money.  When shopping, many people find that using cash at the register saves money.  How so?  When you go into a store knowing you only have a certain amount of cash with available for your purchases, you are more likely to pay attention to the cost of each item and pare down your list.  Impulse buys will be less frequent, as will indulgences that cost you big in the long run. 

Consider making a food budget for yourself and spend a certain amount per week on groceries.  Anything over will have to wait until the next week or have to be passed over.  Indulge in a latte or reasonably priced magazine as a reward for yourself each time you stay within your budget.  Putting up the plastic and the pen and checkbook will keep you within your budget and your means! 



  • Kristin, Kids' Nutrition and Exercise Examiner 4 years ago

    Thanks Emily!
    Enjoying reading over your articles as well :)