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Top 10 blazers under $100


First Place: D Collection Blazer at Urban Outfitters, $90 

Blazers are a key look for the layering trends of Autumn.  A blazer can be dressed up or down, and it always adds a sharp edge to any look.  A corduroy blazer with a flannel collared shirt, a plaid scarf, fidora, relaxed jeans and heavy work boots is not only stylish, but it looks and feels effortless.  The right blazer can be comfortable and easy to wear.  Listed here are the top 10 blazers under $100.  As this list was compiled, and blazers around the city were judged, we considered fit, style, and quality for the price.  Let's get started.

10.  Statements tic suede sportscoat, $80.  Exclusive to Carson Pirie Scott, this microsuede blazer has a three button closure, and two flap pockets.  The cut of the blazer is a loose/regular fit, which is great for layering or for men who don't feel comfortable wearing a really snug jacket.  The microsuede won't be ruined by a sudden downpour, and it will keep you warm during the Fall season.


5. Structure Corduroy Sportscoat at Sears, $40 

9.  Land's End traditional fit corduroy jacket, $50.  This 100% cotton traditional fit corduroy blazer is perfect for Autumn afternoons.  The fit is relaxed, and plays off of the natural drape of the fabric.  Therfore, the look is effortless and casual.  It will keep you comfortable like a your favorite hoodie, but you'll look like you made an effort to get dressed.

8.  BDG striped shrunken blazer, $68.  Exclusive to Urban Outfitters, this modern take on the blazer is a slimfit jacket with flap pockets and a breast pocket.  The stripes are tonal, which adds to the casual feel of the blazer.  Because it is slim fit, try it on in a size larger than you normally wear to make room for layers.


4.  Converse One Star Blazer at Target, $60 

7.  Old Navy moleskin blazer, $50.  LIke the Land's End blazer, this moleskin version by Old Navy is another take on the relaxed blazer.  While the cut is simple, the fabric is soft and warm.  Most importantly, this blazer looks like it would be sold at a much higher price point.  It comes in a variety of sizes, and with the relaxed cut, men of all sizes can be dashing in this look.

6.  The Gap herringbone blazer, $98.  While this jacket has a simple style with a two button closure, flap pockets, and interior and exterior breast pockets, the fine herringbone fabric makes any look feel like a million bucks.  Pair it with a solid collared shirt, skinny knit scarf, and a skull cap with black jeans and your favorite city sneakers, and you'll not only feel warm, but you'll look suave and sophisticated.


3.  The Gap Corduroy Blazer, $88 

5.  Structure corduroy sportscoat, $40.  Exclusive to Sears, this black corduroy jacket is a great casual piece.  The cords on the jacket are spaced to create a lined pattern.  It has a two button closure, flap pockets, epaulettes, and a stylistic patch on the left arm.  This blazer is great for a casual afternoon, or a night at your favorite bar.  Because of the extra details, the Structure sportscoat can be dressed up or down in a major way.

4. Converse One Star blazer, $60.  Exclusive to Target, the Converse One Star brand is a licensed label created for the Target customer.  This kahki 100% cotton blazer has three flap pockets, a breast pocket, and a convertible notched collar that can be closed under the chin if the weather gets too chilly.  Because this is brand marketed towards the teen and twenties crowd, it's sized for a slimmer fit.


2.  Tasso Elba Blazer at Macy's, $99 

3.  The Gap corduroy blazer, $88.   This brown corduroy blazer has a relaxed fit and feel.  The cotton is soft, and a bit distressed, which makes this blazer look well loved right off the rack.  The casual feel of this blazer makes it ideal for bumming around the city on the weekends.  The look is relaxed, but the construction of the garment is structured, allowing it to fit nearly any body type well.  It comes in a large range of sizes, including big and tall.

2.  Tasso Elba blazer, $99.  Found at Macy's, this four pocket hunter inspired blazer by Tasso Elba is a steal of a deal.  This beautiful wool blend blazer comes in a grey tweed or a black herringbone; both classic looks.  It has two flap pockets and two safari pockets, as well as two interior wallet pockets.  Like the Converse blazer at Target, this jacket can be closed at the collar in the event of drop in temperature.  With the balance of the classic fabric, and the casual pockets, this jacket can be dressed up or down, and even worn at the office.

1.  D Collection Wisconsin blazer, $90.  Found at Urban Outfitters, this military themed blazer walks the thin line between sportscoat and outterwear.  Made out of a tough, water resistant cotton twill, the details on this blazer make all the difference.  With a mock double-breast closure, shoulder details, and four well tailored pockets, this jacket looks sharp.  The collar is ribbed knit, and the hidden cuffs are as well.  This is sure to be the warmest jacket of the group, and therefore the most versatile.  Dress it down with jeans and a t-shirt or dress it up for work with black slacks and a well pressed white collared shirt.

Keep in mind while you're shopping, that if you want to spend money on a blazer for Fall, you must consider how you are going to wear it.  If you know that you will most likely be layering underneath it or wearing it as your outter jacket while the weather is still relatively nice, then you need to go up a size to allow room.  There is nothing more unattractive than a man wearing a blazer that puckers all over him because it's ill fitting.  Think Chris Farley in Tommy Boy, "Fat guy in a little coat."   If this is a new look for you, stick to a relaxed fit blazer until you feel comfortable enough to take a walk on the wilder side. 



  • Mr. B 5 years ago

    Great finds Maureen..
    In love with the Tasso Elba Blazer from Macy's.
    SO sharp!

  • Merilee Refvem 5 years ago

    Great article! The pictures were a great help--good prices, too!