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Top 10 best danceable breakup songs

As backwards as it may seem to want to jump on a dance floor for a breakup song, some artists have managed to blend the combination quite nicely. Check out the top 10 breakup songs that make people want to bust a move.

Singer Elle Varner performs at the BET Music Matters Grammy Showcase on February 8, 2013 in Los Angeles, Calif.
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for BET

1. Elle Varner's "Cold Case": Her first album "Perfectly Imperfect" already proved she has no problem showing both her most aggressive and most loving side, but if "Cold Case" makes it on the sophomore album that song should be the first single. It'll be on repeat anyway. The rhythm coincidentally sounds like someone getting repeatedly smacked, but the "oooh" and additional instrumentals are great for heavy head nods and shoulder rocks.

2. Justin Timberlake "Drink You Away": This song may be seriously dangerous for folks with alcohol problems, but for those who need temporary relief, this is yet another slap-happy beat that'll lead to hand waving, clapping and loud off-key singing primarily in bars. Timbaland is good for making sad songs worth head nods.

3. Alicia Keys "Unbreakable": Eyebrows raise during the opening lyrics about fighting like Ike and Tina. No thanks. We'll pass. Bill Cosby and Camille Cosby, Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham, and Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith sound like better options. But even when the pianist sings, "We might have to take a break, but y'all know we'll be back next week," listeners get the impression this make-up-to-break-up relationship just might work out.

4. Angie Stone "Wish I Didn't Miss You So Much": Chicago steppers will hit the floor anytime this song comes on. Angie Stone complains about her ex's spending habits, marijuana addiction and yelling, but in the same breath she aggressively harmonizes about how she wishes the man she used to know would come back to her.

5. Crystal Waters "Momma Told Me": If only moms' advice came with beats like these, their kids wouldn't try so hard to tune them out. Listeners almost want to be sympathetic about this guy leaving her and breaking her heart, but they're focused on making "it" clap.

6. Dawn Penn "No, No, No (You Don't Love Me)": Sorry, Dawn, he may not love you, but your listeners are too busy doing the slow grind to console you. And some stopped listening altogether because they're focused on their trigger fingers during the bogle dance.

7. Drake featuring Timbaland "Say Something": Timbaland's rhyme sums up the point of the song, and he has absolutely no interest in giving his money back. So either this couple can adjust to the new lifestyle or part ways. In the meantime, listeners can rock along and say a whole lot to the beat of the bass.

Honorable mention to Drake featuring Rihanna "Take Care": Initially the song with Gil Scott-Heron's sampling sounds like a pretty normal R&B song, but as soon as the track gets to 3:15, hips start shaking. Even Drake and Rihanna couldn't help themselves and showed off their best old-school moves together onstage. Technically this song is Drake trying to encourage a woman to give him a shot after a heartbreak over someone else.

8. Jeremih "Buh Bye": This couple is holding on to the very last string of this relationship, and it's not looking good. So why are listeners clapping along to the Chicagoan belting out vocals about kicking her out of his home?

9. Ciara "I'm Out": Yes, Ciara, the original girlfriend will always think she's better than the new girl he's move on to, so this song fits right up their alleys. Guys always miss the girl when it's too late and she's totally over him, but Ciara fans were too busy applauding the ATL beauty for getting back on the music scene. And even the ones who may have not been into the track were happy as hell to see Ciara at her best and still outdancing pretty much every other female singer out to date. (Side note: Nicki Minaj did a great job of keeping up with Ci-Ci though, didn't she?)

10. Usher "Twisted": If there was a Facebook relationship status called "Stuck on Stupid," it would probably have more selections than "It's Complicated." But in "Twisted," he acknowledges that physical attraction had him doing things he would've never done. He's not exactly unapologetic, but the lesson has been learned. Now dance.

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