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'Tootsie' and these other films get a Criterion November release

For those who are hardcore movie collectors, the Criterion label may then mean a lot to you. They are known to take classics and modern classics and remaster them to pure perfection and they add many special features for their viewers. Well it was recently announced that Criterion will be releasing the 1980s comedy "Tootsie" on Nov. 25. Other movies that will be also part of the November releases are Monte Hellman's two surreal westerns in a box set, "The Shooting" and "Ride in the Whirlwind," Frank Capra's comedy, "It Happened One Night," Michelangelo Antonioni's film, "L’avventura" and Les Blank's "Always for Pleasure."

"Tootsie" was first released in 1982, the film starred Dustin Hoffman, Teri Garr, Bill Murray, Charles Dunning, and the film gave Jessica Lange her first Oscar-winning performance. The movie had been nominated for 10 awards, Lange winning for Best Actress in a Supporting Role.

The film is getting both a DVD and Blu-Ray release. It will be $23.96 for the DVD and $31.96 for the Blu-ray.

These are all the special features that one will be find on the new release:

  • 4K digital restoration
  • Audio Commentary that will feature Sydney Pollace from the 1991 laserdic edition of the film.
  • Interview with comedy writer Phil Rosenthal.
  • Gene Shalit interview with Dorothy Michaels.
  • A 1982 making of documentary.
  • A 2007 making of documentary that has interviews with Jessica Lange, Dustin Hoffman, and others.
  • Screen and wardrobe test footage of Dustin Hoffman.
  • Some deleted scenes.
  • Some trailers.

So "Tootsie" fans may want to buy this new edition of the 80s comedy. Also fans of the other November releases may want to check them out too. It looks like it will be an interesting release month for Criterion.

Tomorrow actually Criterion will be releasing two movies from their August release, Alfonso Cuaron's 2001 film "Y tu mama tambien" and Pedro Almodovar's 1990 movie, "Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!"

What do you guys think of the new Criterion releases? Are you a fan of Tootsie? Share your thoughts!

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