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ToothSoap for Pets available at 50% off regular price as part of After-Thanksgiving Sale


The company that makes ToothSoap for people recently created a version for pets, particularly cats and dogs. Through Sunday at midnight, pet owners can get the new ToothSoap for Pets at half the usual price of $25.95 per bottle. This is a special After-Thanksgiving Sale announced by owner Karen Van Cleef and includes all ToothSoap products.

Many cats and dogs develop tartar and sore irritated gums. Brushing pets' teeth can help remove tartar and improve gum health, but may pet toothpastes contain artificial ingredients. ToothSoap is a natural gentle product, and the pet version comes in Savory Natural BBQ Roast flavor.

To use the product, the pet owner simply applies a small amount of ToothSoap for Pets to a pet toothbrush and rubs it on the teeth, then rinses out the pet's mouth.

To get ToothSoap for Pets at half off the regular price, just use the coupon code 50THANKS when you check out.

ToothSoap for Pets

ToothSoap main website

Karen Van Cleef's ToothSoap Blog

Check back here soon for more information about ToothSoap for Pets and my interview with Karen Van Cleef.

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