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Toothpaste alert: Toothpaste bomb warning makes UK headlines

The story of a toothpaste alert bomb warning is making headlines in the UK. One of the headlines in BBC News on Thursday read, “The US has warned airlines with direct flights to Russia that explosives hidden in toothpaste tubes could be smuggled onto planes.”

The warning from the Department of Homeland Security issued the warning ahead of the Winter Olympics opening ceremony in Sochi, Russia. The games don’t start until Monday but some of the qualifying events are already underway.

ABC Radio news reported that ticket sales for Olympic events is very slow and that it is unknown what role the security concerns will play in Olympic events.

Liquids banned on local flights

Russia has already banned all liquids, pastes and gels from all its airports as well as flights within the country.

BBC reports that the liquid ban threat, including the toothpaste ban was part of a tightening of security in the country/

Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak said the level of security in the wake of the Olympics "is similar to that of any other safe city in the world".

The Department of Homeland Security issued a statement that the toothpaste alert bombing warning was "out of an abundance of caution."

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