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Toothpaste alert: Terrorism concerns regarding Russian flights to USA

Sochi Olympics: Security toothpaste alert issued
Sochi Olympics: Security toothpaste alert issued
USA Today

A toothpaste alert was given to airline flights from Russia to the United States. The toothpaste alert involves terrorists possibly smuggling explosive materials on airplanes via concealment in toothpaste tubes – or possibly in cosmetic tubes as well. The alert was issued on Wednesday, the same day that Inquisitr and other media sources made reports on the national security concern.

Law enforcement officials assert that there are no definite threats, but there is a great deal of concern about security since the Winter Olympics are about to begin in Sochi, Russia.

The toothpaste alert has not been officially released from the government, as the information came from officials who told of the alert anonymously. Beyond the United States, it is reported that other countries are concerned about the same terrorist threats. In fact, Russia has already banned liquids in pieces of carry-on luggage – even prior to the toothpaste alert.

This is not the first toothpaste alert. There has been concern about terrorists trying to move explosive materials in tubes before.