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Toothpaste alert: Explosives in toothpaste tubes a threat for Olympic flights

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A toothpaste alert has been issued after the U.S. Government received credible information that terrorists may board planes with explosives in toothpaste tubes. This toothpaste alert goes out to airlines worldwide as people come from all corners of the world to the Olympic games in Russia.

According to "Fox and Friends" live on Thursday morning, Feb.6, explosives in toothpaste tubes would allow terrorists to assembly a bomb on a plane. As reports today, "this strange case sprung out of nowhere."

Along with the toothpaste tubes, terrorist may try to sneak explosives in cosmetic containers. The Olympics is a prime event for terrorists to focus on, including the flights taking people to the Sochi games. "Fox and Friends" reports that is a Homeland security alert and reading from the alert they said that the threat is "specific and credible."

The Olympics has the world's attention and in true terrorist fashion this would be the perfect target to gain the world's attention. According to CNN News today, a U.S. law enforcement official reports that "the cause for the Homeland Security alert was specific to the imminent start of the games."