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Toothless athletes? Hilarious Olympic memes offer shocking pictures (7 photos)

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When American athlete Ashley Wagner dethroned Lolo Jones as most-searched Olympian online, there was a good reason. Wagner’s shocking surprise of the judge’s score had everyone checking out the expression of the young American figure skater who sat waiting for her Olympic scores in Sochi. According to The Daily News Online on Thursday the top Olympians athletes are being searched like crazy and Ashley is leading the way thanks to her photo moment. Fans across the country put quotes under her intense expression and people got a good laugh looking at the memes.

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Ashley Wagner’s facial expression has been seen around the world and the Dallas Culture Map on Thursday reported the expression seemed genuine. We’d be willing to wager her popular meme hasn't been seen toothless though. Just recently, the figure skater joined the growing list of athletes who have their pictures showcased without their teeth. That’s right Olympic athletes without their pearly whites offer some shocking memes.

After seeing a few insane pictures of toothless athletes created by fans, we've taken it upon ourselves to collect the meme images together in a photo slideshow. From Twitter, Instagram and even a couple of forums, it appears that Olympic fans have been blacking out teeth and posting some intriguing pictures. There is no doubt someone had too much time on their hands to come up with these shocking looks.

Toothless pictures aren't anything new. Remember when the celebrities without teeth craze was happening last year? There were countless photos of movie star without their set of teeth and it looked a little surprising (to say the least.)

Want to take a peek at the toothless terrifying photos of athletes? Check out the photo slideshow of the Olympic athletes without their teeth. You will never think about Olympic athletes the same way again.