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Toonami to premiere 'Intruder' sequel in 2015

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On Feb. 5, Toonami announced via Tumblr that it will be producing the sequel to its' popular 2000 miniseries, "The Intruder," and is looking to the fans to help shape the next chapter.

"The Intruder: Part 2," Toonami's first original miniseries in eleven years, will be a retelling of the classic five-part episodic adventure that featured the show's hosts, TOM and SARA, as they do battle with a destructive blob-like creature that infiltrates the Absolution, the spaceship that broadcasts Toonami to Earth each week. The first "Intruder" is know by Toonami faithful as the "Changing of the Guard," as fans saw the death of TOM 1 (voiced by Sonny Strait) and the debut of current Absolution captain, TOM 2 (voiced by Steve Blum).

Toonami is also offering fans the chance to help determine the impact of the story before production has begun. During the weekend of Feb. 8, Toonami is encouraging fans to get active on social media outlets, like Facebook and Twitter, and share their interest in the event, using the hashtag "#intruder2."

"The Intruder: Part 2" is set to premiere on Toonami in 2015.