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Tools of the trade: Indian clubs and Clubbells


  • Malcolm Pugh. 6 years ago

    Speaking as a boxer, boxing coach and a Strengh and Conditioning coach for all sports.I would highly reccomend the Clubbells, when used properly they are second to none.

  • Shane Heins 6 years ago

    Something about the primal feel of swinging around a big stick must be what makes it so much fun:).

    Jacob, some feedback on disadvantages to club swinging.

    I've been swinging Clubbells for a couple years. I live in a basement suite and have never had any problems. Sure there are a couple of moves you can't do, but most you can. I trained for 5 months straight in a space of 9ft x 5ft with my Clubbells. No problems. Training my clients that live in apartments? No problems.

    As to cost for what you get, I felt it was very worthwhile. After a couple years with the 15's, only now do I feel the need to move up in weight. But even then, only with certain movements. Those 15 pounders will continue to get loads of use (most are seriously shocked how heavy 15lbs Clubbells feel). As to adjustability, I can't speak for other clubs, but Scott Sonnons Clubbells are. It's in the design. Change grip placement, you change leverage, therefore force production. Easiest adjustment you'll ever ma

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