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Tool Box Springs Inexpensive Camping

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Tool Box Springs is an option for camping, exercise, and nature walking for low cost. The Tool Box Springs Campground requires a pass or permit to use. The Tool Box Springs Campground is located on Forest Road 6S13 in Anza California. It is public land and operated by the United States of America Forest Service. The camping area is typically open year round. The roads are very well maintained so typically regardless of what time of the year you go you will not have any problem driving on the roads. There are approximately 6 camping grounds at the Tool Box Springs Campground. The camping area is near Thomas Mountain and is located in the San Bernardino National Forest. The camping area does require a pass for overnight stays. You can typically use an Adventure Pass or you can typically use an Interagency Pass. The elevation at the camping ground is about 6,500. The temperature at the camping ground is about 75 to 100 degrees in the summer during the day. During the night the temperatures do drop a bit. The temperatures at night during the summer are typically around 60 degrees to 70 degrees so you will likely have no problem camping outdoors. The camping area at times may have some options for free camping with a free permit. There are many times when you may not even need an adventure pass to go camping in this camping site. There are two basic camping areas in the Thomas Mountain area that are less than a 1/2 km apart. One of the camping areas which is the southern area is more refined and better if you are not too much into camping. The northern site is typically free and typically a bit more primitive. If these areas are too crowded about 6 km up there is the Lake Hemet Campground to enjoy to. The campgrounds are just off of the 74 so very easy to get to.

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