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Too Young for Makeup?

Young and need no makeup
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Happy Weekend!

When I was a young girl I did not wear makeup until I met a girl at school, that taught me how to wear makeup at 12 years old. I sneaked it on when I left home on the weekend. If my mother knew that I was wearing makeup at such a young age, she would of not been happy and the girl that showed me life in the makeup world, would not be my friend. I now wish that I did not start wearing makeup until I was at least in high school and even then it should of been very little.

I started wearing makeup more because of my insecurities. I remember not wearing makeup and people saying that I was pretty but I guess I didn't believe them. I was also under the influence of a much more sophisticated and worldly girl who was supposed to be my friend. She got so much attention from everyone and I thought I want to look like her. I wish that I had kept my innocence a little longer. Once I started wearing makeup I could not go without it, it was addicting and I would soon buy so much makeup and skin care products and magazines to keep up with the latest looks I would loose myself in the fashion world. I feel that it distracted me from other things in life, but little did I know that I was creative side and that was really reason I immersed myself into the fashion world.

I say to all girls keep your skin natural as long as possible, really when you are young, you are naturally beautiful, just wear a little lip gloss and that is enough. If you get use to wearing makeup all the time and just not for special occasions then you will always think you need it. You can become a slave to wearing makeup and it becomes a chore to go anywhere because you will think you need to put on makeup everywhere you go. I remember a few times someone telling me, that I did not need all that makeup on but I didn't listen, I was a rebel and wanted to do what I wanted to do. I wish I loved my skin and was more confident when I was younger.

I was told that wearing makeup is like wearing a mask and trying to hide the real you. Maybe you do not want people to look at the real you. Maybe they could see how vulnerable you really are and they can see your secrets without your makeup on. I always feel naked without my makeup on. Even when I have been in relationships, I would never let my other half see what I looked like. I would get up early to make sure my eye makeup is at least on.

Learn to love yourself and stay fresh and young as long as you can without makeup, because makeup will always be there. The beauty industry knows how girls and women love to change their looks and try different products. There is nothing wrong with makeup, I am a makeup queen. Just understand that it does not make the person that you are inside, it is just supposed to enhance how you look. Some of the most beautiful women do not wear makeup in my opinion and how free they must feel not to have to worry about putting it on everyday. How young is too young to wear makeup? I feel the right age is about 18 and that is hopefully what my daughters will do. Besides who wants their daughters to grow up too fast.

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