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Too Sexy to Trust?

So you meet a guy and he is super hot, from the chiseled abs to the extremely well defined biceps, not to mention the cute face. Add in a great personality and you may feel like you have hit the jackpot. Or perhaps your idea of super hot is the cute nerdy guy with the ability to speak several languages. Regardless to what your version of the perfect guy is what would happen if you met him? For some women, myself included, it’s more of a slight wariness. Would someone that hot be able to be in a monogamous relationship over time? Could he be trusted with women constantly throwing themselves at him?

A recent conversation with the girls; ok it was more of a debate; inspired the need for further thought on the topic. Some of us have a very high trust point; we give our trust openly and completely from the very beginning. Basically we allow a man to come in with a clean slate and only alter that trust percentage if he does something to deserve a change. Unfortunately there are some of us who automatically have our walls up. Our expectations may lean more towards the negative, with the assumption that any man given the opportunity to cheat will.

But lets be honest; how fair is that to a man? Not all men are the same. Just like they come in different packaging, they also have very distinct personalities and beliefs. You may have one man who is completely devoted to the woman in his life while another has a constant rotation through his bedroom. It really depends on the man and what he is looking for. It is also up to each of us as women to use our best judgment and follow our instincts. If we constantly have our walls up how are we ever going to give true and meaningful love a chance to find us? At some point we have to be truly open to the possibilities, take a chance and step out there. Living our lives in constant fear of being hurt is like not living at all. As a good friend suggested recently, we have to go with the idea that there are more truly good people in the world than bad.

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