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Too many energy drinks can make you sick and can kill you

Energy drinks
Energy drinks
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There has been a great deal of concern about possible negative health consequences associated with consuming energy drinks. A new study suggests energy drinks may cause heart problems reports Science Daily on Aug. 28, 2014. Consuming one energy drink after another can lead to a number of adverse health conditions including angina, cardiac arrhythmia and even sudden death.

The European Society of Cardiology reports Professor Drici said about 96 percent of energy drinks contain caffeine, with a typical 0.25 liter can having the equivelant of 2 espressos worth of caffeine. Too much caffeine can cause cardiac arrhythmias. It was discovered by the researchers that consumption of 103 energy drinks available in France increased by 30 percent between 2009 and 2011 to up to over 30 million liters.

Dr Drici said 'caffeine syndrome’ was the most common problem seen with consumption of energy drinks. This was characterized by a fast heart rate, anxiety, tremor, and headache. Heart attacks and even sudden death were also seen. Therefore caution must be taken when consuming energy drinks.