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Too early to feel comfortable about Xbox One & PS4 future, says Sundberg

What does the next-gen future look like to you?
What does the next-gen future look like to you?

The PS4 and Xbox One have enjoyed impressive, early success since both were launched back in November of last year, but the biggest test these systems will face is how they will ultimately sell over the next half decade.

Recently, Christofer Sundberg, who is the creative director at Avalanche, discussed his initial feelings about the Xbox One and PS4, but did express a strong concern to when hailing these two devices smash-hit, long-term successes.

"It’s a bit early for me to feel comfortable though.

"The investments in a AAA game these days are huge and even if everyone of those two million people bought a copy each, most big games would not break even if they were next-gen exclusives," Sundberg said.

Sundberg's hesitation to say the PS4 and Xbox One are successes is very understandable, especially when you consider how young the consoles are and how small the install base is. Yes they both have been greeted with explosive popularity, but the introduction is not what makes a console success.

Selling four million units is one thing, but selling 40 and 50 million is completely another. If the Xbox One and PS4 can manage to hit those latter numbers, then we will absolutely be able to call these devices successes, but if you're Microsoft and Sony, it's far too early for a victory lap.

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