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Too casual with church clothing can easily mean too casual with standards

The sun may be setting on many church clothing next?
The sun may be setting on many church clothing next?

The great debate about too casual dress in the church is once again being resurrected. With all the dressing down, coffee drinking, and high tables with chairs being imported into the sanctuaries, one would start to believe they were present in a coffee house than a church.

Feeling comfortable and allowing a more casual atmosphere during a Sunday morning sermon in the church may appeal to those desiring to come to church in their living room leisure wear, but are these relax standards a good or bad thing regarding showing respect in the house of God?

The Holy Spirit’s job if allowed is to bring the conviction of sin to both believers and unbelievers, however if “seeker friendly” methods are instituted where the goal is to make everyone feel not threatened or warm and fuzzy, then feeling comfortable with your sin can clearly result. How can one repent without any conviction of sin?

Preaching about hell and sin with repentance is just not commonly done in many churches because one just does not want to offend anybody, correct? Nobody is too interested in hearing a message about the infernal regions and how the wrath of God will be on Judgment Day. Can’t there just be a message about how wonderful I am?

Making the church “more common” so that those wanting to be casual do not have to adhere to a higher standard defeats the very purpose of separating oneself from the world. The church is required to be different according to the word of God.

Tacky clothes and tacky speech in all likelihood is an indication of tacky personal standards. Jesus Himself said that, “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks”. A person’s speech reflects their moral character and what is in the heart which is why there is a scripture saying, “guard your heart, for out of it flows the issues of life”.

Of course God is more interested in the spiritual condition and if plain clothes is all you have, then of course not having the finery in GQ is not a concern to God, however one can still be groomed to look their best. And please spare excuses as “what about the drunk person?”....that is not what is being addressed right now.

Hypocrisy exists in those that purposely “dress down” for church. The same people would not dream of going to the night club, work, or out on a date in the same apparel of flip-flops, shorts, and a tee-shirt. The reason those that traditionally dress up for church do so is to give God their best. This should include areas of not just dress, but offering your first fruits in placing a priority of your time and resources as an offering to God.

We are suppose to give God the glory “in all things” are we not? Dress is merely one small area that demonstrates how much someone will abide to "in all things" because “he that is faithful in little is faithful in much”. Clothing is just an indicator of how your relationship with God can be maturely measured.

Coming and acting “casual” at church demonstrates a lack of respect regarding the presence of God…..period. Yes the invitation is to “come as you are”, but one does not have to stay as you are.

Casual nature is dominating society in all other areas also. Even having a job and being punctual are huge issues with employers. Business owners can write books on people that do not even bother to come into work when they don’t want to. It is very much the same with coming to work on time.

Standards as obeying traffic lights, stop signs, and basic traffic laws are routinely ignored. When you can be casual about God’s standards and His authority, you can be casual about anything.

The church is only a building where people assemble to worship and praise God. How one treats a house of worship tells volumes of how they probably are outside the service. A lack of reverence inside the church is a good indication of a lack of reverence in other areas of a person’s life.

The Bible declares, “by their fruits you shall know them”.

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