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Tonya Harding reflects on Olympic figure skating scandal 20 years later

Tonya Harding revisits the figure skating scandal from 20 years ago
Tonya Harding revisits the figure skating scandal from 20 years ago
Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Tonya Harding doesn't look like the young figure skater who was embroiled in a major American figure skating scandal and perhaps that is because she is 20 years older. The former figure skater is still looking to clear her name and put to rest some rumors surrounding the infamous scandal that she and skating rival Nancy Kerrigan were involved in. Sitting down with Access Hollywood on Wednesday, the once famous skater still denied any involvement in the worse attack ever seen on the ice.

The day everyone will never forget is when Nancy Kerrigan was hit in the knee by a man with a police baton during a practice round on the eve of the U.S. Figure Skating Championships. It was a moment that brought shame to the figure skating world and revealed the competitive nature of the sport.

“If they proved that I had done something wrong, how come I wasn't in jail?” asked Tonya Harding when questioned about her involvement. The star denied ever doing anything illegal. “They gave me 500 hours of community service. They sure nailed everybody else for doing things.”

Every Winter Olympics the darlings of the figure skating arena are seen by the fans. While the rules of Team USA have changed to make the athletes accomplishments on the ice count, according to Harding it wasn't always that way.

The star alleged that she, along with other athletes who entered the ice during her glory days, were extensively scrutinized. From the way she put her makeup on to who she hung out with after skating. Tonya suggested that Team USA wasn't picking the best skater, but more of a camera friendly celebrity.

Today Tonya Harding is staying out of the rink and away from the spotlight. Tonya Harding has a son and a life of happiness that gives her reason to move forward. However, she long with the rest of the world will never forget the day that Nancy Kerrigan was hit in the knee by a club.

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