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Tonya Evinger wishes hair-pulling was legal in MMA

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During the Jan. 10 episode of MMA Jam Live, hard-hitting knockout artist Tonya "Triple Threat" Evinger (13-5) said she would make hair-pulling a legal tactic if she could change one rule in MMA.

Evinger, 32, explained that she would only want hair-pulling to be legal in fights that don't include her.

"I don't know, like if I'm in a fight I don't want this rule to be in effect but if I'm watching another girl fight, I think they should definitely be able to pull hair," Evinger told MMA Jam Live at the 64:30 mark of the show. "That's always exciting, when they can't get away from each other."

Currently, the Unified Rules in MMA prohibit hair-pulling, along with butting with the head, eye gouging, biting, spitting, fish hooking, groin attacks, throat strikes, stomping a grounded opponent, kneeing the head of a grounded opponent, and much more.

It's unlikely that hair-pulling will ever become a legal tactic again, especially after the move was used with gruesome success in the early days of the UFC.

MMA legend Royce Gracie utilized hair-pulling during his fight against Kimo Leopoldo at UFC 3, but it was a rarely utilized technique in the UFC besides that one fight.

Hair-pulling has been illegal in the UFC since UFC 15, but it was a barely used tactic even before it was officially banned.

In South America and Japan, there are still some Vale Tudo fights that feature very few rules, including the allowance for hair-pulling, but those fights are quite rare these days.

Hair-pulling is generally viewed as barbaric and unnecessary in MMA, so fight fans shouldn't expect it to ever make a comeback.

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