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Tonya Evinger puts Sarah Alpar on blast for not accepting fight with her

Tonya Evinger wants UFC shot after beating two Invicta FC champs
Courtesy of Zuffa/Promo photo

According to a Jan. 3 Facebook post from Sugar Creek Showdown, the promotion is actively searching for a female 125-pound professional fighter to take on Sarah "Too Sweet" Alpar (4-2) on Jan. 25 at SCS 21.

Alpar, 22, was originally scheduled to fight Jordan Nicole "The Ninja Princess" Gaza, but that matchup has apparently been scratched because the latter plans to tryout for TUF 20 in Las Vegas, Nev., around the same time as SCS 21.

Hard-hitting knockout artist Tonya "Triple Threat" Evinger offered to serve as a replacement for Gaza, but Alpar declined, citing a lack of professional MMA experience.

Evinger, 32, was extremely disappointed that Alpar turned down the fight.

"You're a joke Sarah Alpar," Evinger posted in the thread. "Then you as a fighter should agree you don't deserve to even be ranked. I'm not bullying anyone but you're the one that needs an opponent, not me. And for a f*ckin' title shot, what a joke.

"And yeah the short notice is on me and at your weight class. Hell ya I'm a better fighter than you 'cuz I fight everybody and don't walk around with a sign calling myself a fighter. You had no prob calling Jordan out on her pulling off, but now that you have an opponent, you're too coward to fight. How many years do u need to up your game, you were supposed to already fight me for your other fake b.s. title you have.

"That's all coward, you making rankings and the promotion announcing it like you deserve it, and then coming in for a title shot, pretty f*ckin' pathetic on your part as a 'real fighter' would fight. You're never gonna be on a big promotion because you're too scared to fight anyone legit. So ya I'll talk sh*t and bully you all I want until your name comes down off that sh*t that you don't deserve, coward."

Alpar immediately responded to Evinger's verbal jab.

"Tonya Evinger I'm having trouble understanding why you are coming at me on rankings when that is out of my hands. I have admitted to you before that you are great fighter, better than myself, and I'm trying to be smart as a fighter and martial artist in who I fight," Alpar posted in the Sugar Creek Showdown thread on the fight. "You have been on Invicta and TUF try outs.

"I think I've even seen rankings where you've been in the top five. So in reality I feel you should talk to those in charge of rankings instead of trying to bully me into a short notice fight at a small venue where the odds are against me. If you want to make top rank why don't you fight the number one girl and Be number one? I feel this is a classless act and doesn't make sense."

Alpar is 4-2 overall, but her experience pales in comparison to Evinger.

"Triple Threat" has entered the cage 18 times, and gone toe-to-toe with some of the best fighters in the world.

What this comes down to is a matter of personal preference. Some fighters would prefer to test their skills against a well-known veteran, rather than notch an easy victory over a lesser-known opponent.

Alpar clearly would rather slowly work her way up the ladder instead of taking on the challenge of a bout against one of the top 125-pounders on the planet.

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