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Tonya Evinger hopes to suffer a wardrobe malfunction in her next fight

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Courtesy of Zuffa/Promo photo

According to a Jan. 9 post from Tonya Evinger's official YouTube page, "Triple Threat" is hoping to suffer a wardrobe malfunction during her next fight because she feels it would bring her instant fame.

Evinger (13-5) might be on to something, as Janet Jackson's Super Bowl XXXVIII wardrobe malfunction was in the headlines for months and actually helped revive the singer's career.

No press is bad press, and Evinger is the first to admit that.

"I'm hoping my boob falls out [of my sports bra]. I think it'll make me instantly famous," Evinger said at the 90-second mark of the video. "Besides the fact that my boobs are so small. I might actually get sponsors to help make them get bigger."

Evinger, 32, is well-known for making controversial, attention-grabbing statements, but her latest comments aren't that wacky when you think about it.

"Triple Threat" actually utilized a brilliant marketing tactic to hype her next fight.

By putting the thought in fight fans' minds that she might suffer a wardrobe malfunction the next time she enters the cage, more people will be willing to plunk down their hard-earned cash to tune in.

The chances of Evinger actually suffering a wardrobe malfunction are slim, but by that point the initial interest will have already been there for people to purchase the pay-per-view.

Evinger, a 10-year MMA veteran, knows the cruel truth of the matter is that fights don't matter to the casual fan unless you're one of the handful of stars in the sport.

There's so much oversaturation of MMA these days that fighters need to figure out a way to stand out from the pack to grab fans' attention.

This isn't 2006 anymore, when it was good enough for fighters to let fists do the talking inside the cage and not have to worry about anything else.

Props to Evinger for not being afraid to come up with creative comments to grab media attention to get fans talking about her fights.

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