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Tony Stewart not being charged for death of Kevin Ward, Jr.

There are no criminal charges currently being filed against Tony Stewart in the death of Kevin Ward, Jr., at Canandaigua Motor Sports Park in New York on Saturday. According to Fox, on Sunday, Sheriff Phillip C. Povero of Ontario County, New York, announced that there is no evidence that suggests that Tony Stewart had criminal intent when he fatally hit Ward while driving a sprint car. Ward had gotten out of his crashed vehicle and was walking angrily toward Stewart's car while he was coming around the track. A very thorough investigation continues, however.

The video of the incident clearly shows Kevin Ward caused his own death.
Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

The videos of the tragic accident clearly show that Kevin Ward, Jr., 20, had walked into the stream of traffic and Stewart had no way of anticipating this unexpected behavior. The investigation has looked at the dim lighting of the Canandaigua dirt track, the Detroit Free Press has reported. Ward was wearing a black fire suit and a black helmet, so visibility for Stewart would have been poor at best when Ward was walking toward him on the track.

Even Ward’s friend and former driver, Cory Sparks, has made a statement questioning the wisdom of getting out of the car and walking across the track during a race. The Denver explains that Sparks was travelling a few cars behind Stewart when the fatal event happened. He discussed the adrenaline that flows when your car is knocked out of the race. Ward was bumped by Stewart before his sprint car spun out of control and crashed. The angry flare-ups that occur in all genre of racing, especially NASCAR, are one of the things that racing fans love the most about the sport.

With all the rules that govern motorsports to establish a fair and safe playing field, it appears that some additional rules are needed. There should be extremely stiff penalties for any public altercation or display of temper on the track. There are more lives at stake here than just one.

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