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Tony Seibert Tribute/Climb to Glory Event Memorable, Emotional, Successful

Chris autographing shirts
Chris autographing shirts
Jonathan Etters

On January 30, 2014, in the Vilar Center for the Arts in Beaver Creek, Colorado, played host and recipient to a night of fundraising and tribute.

Climb to Glory
Chris Anthony/Warren Miller Entertainment

The center hosted a night, which was originally meant to be a multifaceted night with a viewing of the Climb to Glory Film, about the Legend of the 10th Mountain Division presented by Warren Miller Entertainment and the Colorado Ski & Snowboard Museum, a celebration of the sport and industry of skiing and fundraising for not only for the Colorado Ski & Snowboard Museum, the Chris Anthony Youth Initiative Project and Youth Education Projects, but also a “Tribute.”

Just a few weeks before this night, on December 22, 2013, at around 11:30 a.m., Tony Seibert and three others were caught in an avalanche in the East Vail Chutes back country. Tony lost his life doing what he probably loved best, skiing. The other three were rescued with non-life threatening injuries.

Tony was not just another skier. He was the Grandson of one of the founding fathers of what is now Vail Mountain. He was also an extreme skier starring in the movie, with Chris Anthony, which, now, not only depicts the history of the legendary men of the 10th Mountain Division, but now serves as a Tribute to Tony Seibert.

In Chris’ talking points of the evening, which he forwarded to me, he comments of how “being a Naturalist was to be knowledgeable about your surroundings, as a means to survive” and how we have lost the concept of Naturalism with all the modern technological devices pulling us indoors and away from Nature. It seems ironic on this night, a man who shared this love of “nature” and the outdoor sport of skiing, taking on “Mother Nature” at her most extreme and his most enjoyable, would lose his life in his “awe of nature” and to be memorialized in Climb to Glory.

The night was an unforgettable tribute and success. The event was sold out with 540 attendees as Mother Nature again, showed her upper hand, as the weather nearly had everyone snowed in their homes and hotels for the evening. I am sure everyone did what they could to insure they would not miss this night. The admission fees, silent auction pledges and donations all to benefit the Colorado Ski & Snowboard Museum and the Chris Anthony Youth Initiative Project Youth Education Projects, very worthy organizations.

Part of the Youth Initiative, which is already in motion, which will continue with the nights proceeds, is to teach the children of our communities about the sport Chris has, and Tony enjoyed so much, pulling them back into nature and understanding the importance of it. Getting them away from the television, cell phones and other devices in this modern era, and back out regaining the interest in geology, geography, ecology and history, like that of the Vail area.

"Knowing one’s own natural environment is very important and I believe for that to continue, the tradition of natural history - the excitement needs to be established once again."

-Tony Seibert

Chris Anthony, the staff of the Chris Anthony Youth Initiative Project Youth Education Projects, The Colorado Ski & Snowboard Museum, Warren Miller Entertainment and the Vilar Center for the Arts would like to “Thank” everyone for their support and attendance at this very special event.

This film will be made available to educational facilities and travel with Chris as he makes his annual fall school visits.

For more information on Chris and the Chris Anthony Youth Initiative Projects Youth Education Projects, donations, or on how to see the film Climb to Glory click here.

For information on the Colorado Ski & Snowboard Museum click here.

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