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Tony Jeter travels far to represent DC

Jeter in action
Jeter in action

If there is a Rodney Dangerfield character among pro boxers in the Washington, DC area, it is middleweight contender Tony Jeter. Other than World Champion Lamont Peterson, the DC area has one fighter ranked among the main boxing organizations top 14 and that is Tony Jeter. Jeter, (rhymes with better), is ranked # 14 in the World Boxing Council's world rankings among middleweights. Jeter, 16-3-1, 11 KO's, has been as high as # 12 in recent rankings. Is Jeter bothered by all of this? "I am so disrespected. Think about this. You are the only reporter that has called me and I am about to fight for the number one spot in the world to fight the champion Sergio Martinez. Yes, I truly feel slighted. I feel that they are hyping other people up and I am in line to fight for a world title fight", says Jeter.

Jeter, known as "mo betta Jeter", is gearing up to fight many miles from his home town. On February 15 in Denmark, Jeter will fight for the vacant WBC Silver Middleweight Title against undefeated Patrick Nielson, (21-0, 10 KO's). The winner of this fight, will be put in good position for a title shot. Jeter, 38, has been around the fight game for a long time. "I love being the underdog. The favorite has so much pressure on him. The underdog can relax some what because no one expects him to do anything. My best outing so far, was against Jimmy Lange in his back yard and no one expected me to beat him and I did. I am in the kind of shape I was for the Lange fight. I love to be overlooked coming into a fight."

Jeter has had several lulls in his boxing career, but he is involved in the sport in other ways. He is a successful promoter of pro and amateur fights in the DC area. He attends local fights and supports the up and coming fighters. Jeter is comfortable in being where he is in the sport. "I am a little better than a C level club fighter and look where I am. Ranked in the WBC rankings. I think I have been smart with how I managed my career. I don't have a manager or promoter and look where I am, heading to Denmark. I think when I am finished, I will manage fighters and I can be the top manager in this part of the east coast", said the always confident Jeter. Some think his name was originally Jeter as in Derek, but he says, "No. Derek is so famous, but my name is Jeter. The Hall of Fame DC matchmaker, JD Brown gave me the nick name "Mo Betta". I liked it." Good luck to Tony as he represents the DC area and hopefully can get in line to join the other great champions from this region. Please subscribe.