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Tony Daniel talks Batman


Tony Daniel and Comic Book Resources spoke about what's coming up this year for the "Batman" title. Here are some highlights.

 You've yet to write Bruce Wayne, but during your run as the artist on "Batman" with Grant Morrison, you certainly got to portray first hand how he operated as the Dark Knight. What do you perceive to be the major differences between Dick and Bruce in terms of how they operate? Any similarities?

Bruce is always five steps ahead of his enemy. He plans for every possible scenario. He can't be outsmarted because he's thought of every way possible that he can be attacked, like when the old man in the temple tried to give Bruce the poison tea and Bruce turned the tables on him. That's just badass.

Dick isn't there yet. But by the end of this arc, Dick comes into his own. He'll find he's become more like Bruce than he thought possible.

What do you think a Tim Drake-Batman would have been like? Or a Damian-Dark Knight? And would you have drawn them differently as Batman than your Dick Grayson design?

Tim would have taken more chances with his skills. He's young and maybe a bit overconfident. But that's what would have made it fun. He's a top notch detective, though, so I think he'd be a very entertaining Batman.

Damian? Oh boy. He'd probably end up looking more like Bat-Mite. An older Damian? Now that might be something to discuss.

The new Black Mask is going to be revealed in "Batman" #697. Have you enjoyed working with Black Mask as your prime antagonist? What makes him a worthy opponent for Batman?
I like the Black Mask because he's complex. He's not just some mobster. He has serious issues, if we haven't already figured that out. His insanity is what makes him a worthy opponent. After "Battle For The Cowl," all the death, destruction and chaos he caused, it only seems fitting that he'd be number one on Dick's "to-do" list.
Any hints as to who's under the mask?

I've given a few hints in the book. You just have to look closely.


Interesting stuff in there. I'm not sure I agree about Tim being overconfident, but that's his view and not mine. The mystery of the Black Mask is wrapping up. I'm stumped for who he is. What do you guys think?

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