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Tony Calvento: Roxanne has filed a rape case against Vhong Navarro

Tony Calvento, Vhong Navarro
Tony Calvento, Vhong Navarro
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In his latest and updated Facebook post today, Feb. 19, 2014, Tony Calvento, one of the most respected Filipino journalists in the Philippines, confirmed that a woman by the name of Roxanne has come out and filed a rape case against the TV host-actor Vhong Navarro. The journalist added that the report will come out in the news any moment now.

"Breaking news: A Woman by the name of ' Roxanne' has filed a case of rape versus Vhong Navarro with the DOJ. It's going to come out in the news any moment," Tony Calvento posted on his official Facebook page. Vhong promised to fight. He filed six cases against Deniece Cornejo, Cedric Lee and several people involved in the incident happened in Forbeswood Heights Condominium last Jan. 22.

Before he filed those cases, a report regarding several women who are planning to file a rape case against him will come out very soon. And now, a certain Roxanne has already come out and filed a rape case against him, some observers are now waiting for his statement regarding the issue, but it seems that Vhong is not yet ready to say something about it.

Obviously, this is a very long battle for Vhong Navarro, and to continue his long battle, he should sacrifice his showbiz career. His It's Showtime family is waiting for his comeback, but like what he said in his previous interviews, he will try to do it in due time.

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