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Tony Calvento helps Vhong Navarro; reveals Deniece Cornejo is still in condo

Vhong Navarro, Denece Cornejo, Tony Calvento
Vhong Navarro, Denece Cornejo, Tony Calvento
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Using his Facebook page, Tony Calvento, one of the most respected journalists in the country, revealed his desire to help the actor-TV host Vhong Navarro in his quest for truth and justice. Vhong is still in the hospital almost a week after a mauling incident happened at The Fort, but based on Chito Rono's revelation on TV Patrol last night, Jan. 31, 2014 (Philippine time), he is now recovering.

The ace movie director also added that Vhong Navarro is still traumatized. Undoubtedly, Chito Rono is helping Vhong to recover and pick up the pieces of his life after the incident. He is like a father to the It's Showtime host. He and Tony Calvento are now searching the truth not only for Vhong but also to all the people who want to know the real truth behind the incident.

Incidentally, Sir Tony, together with Chito Rono and Atty. Dennis Manalo, legal counsel for Vhong Navarro, had a meeting with DILG Sec. Mar Roxas yesterday, based on Sir Tony's Facebook post, the good secretary had promised police protection for the family of Vhong. Sir Tony also added that a big development on Vhong's case will be revealed on Monday.

"On Monday there will be a big development on the Vhong Navarro case. I am withholding this until everything is definite," he said.

Aside from the latest development on Navarro's case, the well-respected journalists also confirmed that Deniece Cornejo is still in a condominium unit, but this time, the controversial TV and print Ad model is in Grass Condominium in North Edsa.

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