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Tony Calvento discusses the case of Cedric Lee, Zimmer Raz & Deniece Cornejo

Cedric Lee, Zimmer Raz, Deniec Cornejo
Cedric Lee, Zimmer Raz, Deniec Cornejo
YouTube/video screenshot/ABS-CBN Online

Cedric Lee, Zimmer Raz and Deniece Cornejo are still in the custody of the National Bureau of Investigation and CIDG/ATCU despite the demands of the prosecution to transfer all the accused to Taguig City Jail. Just this evening, June 27, 2014, Tony Calvento, one of the members in Vhong Navarro’s legal team, voiced out his peeve at Atty. Howard Calleja’s alleged manifestation in court regarding the poor response of Judge Paz Esperanza Cortez to a motion for stay filed by Cedric’s camp several months ago.

The brave journalist said he is not asking for a favorable decision from the presiding judge, according to him, the motion that has already been filed by the three accused should be discussed and resolved as soon as possible to know exactly where these people should be detained. After a few minutes of posting, the journalist received positive reactions from his supporters online.

According to the netizens who are following this Vhong Navarro-Cedric Lee-Deniece Cornejo case, Atty. Howard Calleja should know that Tony Calvento was just expressing his freedom of speech when he posted his opinion regarding the transfer of the three accused to Taguig City Jail. Reports said Judge Paz Cortez had already conducted an ocular inspection to Taguig City Jail almost a month and a half ago to determine whether the threats mentioned by Zimmer Raz and Cedric Lee in their filed motion for stay is really true or not.

Unfortunately, Judge Paz Cortez is still not issuing an order regarding the issue. Some observers claim that she is still weighing and examining the motion of the three accused to make sure that her decision is fair to both parties involve. Time flies so fast, imagine, the case is now celebrating its five months anniversary but the three accused are still in the custody of the NBI and CIDG/ATCU.

Not only that because Jed Fernandez, Ferdinand Guerrero, JP Calma and Edgardo Sampana, four of the eight persons involved in the mauling incident are still at large despite the manhunt operation launched by the authorities several months ago.