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Tonight: Victory Waters speaking on horror relationships on Atlanta's V-103


Entertainment and relationships often go hand in hand even when it is not our intention. Just ask anyone who has been on a blind date or a set up of sorts. Often we go into these dating situations with expectations that almost always are never met. Our response is either one of disgust where we immediately leave or we can change our thoughts and take the "event" as one of pure entertainment value. The latter makes for great coffee talk or a prelude to an impending novel done by the "tell-ee".

If you have a great story to tell, Victory would love to hear your tale tomorrow evening on Atlanta's V-103 radio waves.  If you are out of town or just out of range, be sure to listen online by clicking V-103

Beware of Victory Waters' "Pre-Birthday sillies"

In the spirit of entertainment, Halloween, general Vic-rageous behavior and the fact that Victory will be celebrating her 21st birthday all over again on November 2nd, this show is sure to get bananas with Atlanta, Georgia's V-103 Love & Relationships radio host Joyce Littel.  Who knows, Victory may have a horror tale or two of her own to tell. Naturally the names will be changed to protect the guilty [sic]. 

Should Victory tell the story about the guy with the boobage who showed up in a Sunday Easter suit or how about the guy who tried to stiff her with the bill at Cheescake Factory after getting wasted or what about the guy who said he was straight but confessed to having dreams about being Demi Moore in Indecent Proposal or the guy she went out with one day who after biting into a piece of bread, his tooth went missing courtesy of years no dental work or the man who was Stefan at night but Urkel by day? If you request, she will tell the story. So many stories, so little time.

And remember there is a difference between horror dates and horror relationships. Horror relationships usually start pretty innocent but after you get to know the person, the representative goes away and you are dealing with reality. And boy oh boy, reality can slap you in your face hard. Victory will be sure to address some tips on getting out of a horror relationship as well as what you can do to help with the healing process.

Tonight you will be asked about your horror relationship story? What about your horror date story? Let us hear the funny, the sad and the ugly.

 - Joyce Littel

Radio Station: V-103 or 103.1 FM (Atlanta)

Date: November 1st

Time: 10pm ET - 12am ET

Call-in number: 404-741-WVEE (9833)

Listening Online: If you have friends and family who would like to listen in, they can do so by logging on to There will be an icon on the home page that says "LISTEN ONLINE".

P.S. Keep in mind that the stories listed above are only a fraction of the stories in the dating world. There are great sweet stories too but this show (November 1st 2009) is about horror relationships and dates so that is the focus above. Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day will be the story of great love and sweet dates. We laugh at horror relationships but as always, abuse is never funny and should not be tolerated by either man or woman. For more information and help, please contact National Domestic Violence Hotline 1.800.799.SAFE (7233) or online: .