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Tonight Show delivers Pica's pizza to Tina Fey

Tina Fey eats Pica's Pizza on the Tonight Show
Tina Fey eats Pica's Pizza on the Tonight Show

As anyone who has grown up in Upper Darby there is only one pizza that makes your heart go pitter patter and that’s Pica’s pizza. Last night on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, actress –writer, Tina Fey was surprised with this Upper Darby favorite. The star and tonight Show host shared slices while on air live with Tina Fey, declaring “It’s the best”. Another Upper Darby former resident, Luke Cunningham is a member of the ‘Tonight Show’ writing team. He had the idea of surprising Tina Fey with this homegrown pizza masterpiece.

Pica's Restaurant has been at its Upper Darby location since 1956. Originally known for a unique square pizza where the cheese was on the bottom, Pica's founded by Frank Pica Sr., his pizza parlor was first located at 62nd and Race Streets in Philadelphia. Pica’s is now a staple in the Upper Darby neighborhood which is now a full service Italian restaurant but it is it’s pizza that has lines out the door with awaiting customers. With Lent fast approaching, Friday nights in Upper Darby, is a Pica’s take out must.

So as any good Upper Darby resident, former and current, knows there is no substituting for our Pica’s pizza. So with the delivery of Pica’s pizza to New York and the Tonight Show, the world knows how special Pica’s pizza is to Upper Darby.