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Tonight : Seminar on Toxic Beauty and Safer Cosmetics


Photo: Stephen Chernin/AP

Do you wonder just what is in your skin care and cosmetics? And what do we look for in order to choose healthy products to minimize our exposure to unwanted and unhealthy chemicals?

Products that we put on our skin are part of our personal environment and contribute to our health. Compounds on our skin can be absorbed into our bodies. With chronic exposure, there may be health problems that extend beyone skin rashes.

Compounds known to be harmful to our health are present in some cosmetics and skin care products. See my articles on lipstick and children's skin care products. Just which chemicals, how much, and how harmful they might be given the concentrations in the products are topics of ongoing discussion between cosmetics companies, environmental health groups like Environmental Working Group, and the FDA.

You can learn more details tonight at a seminar in River Forest. The American Nutrition Association is presenting a seminar titled "Toxic Beauty: How Cosmetics & Personal Care Products Endanger Your Health." The seminar is sponsored by Healthy Green Goods of Evanston.

The speaker, Samuel S. Epstein, M.D., is the author of a new book, "Toxic Beauty: How Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Endanger Your Health...And What You Can Do About It." He is Professor Emeritus of Environmental and Occupational Medicine at the University of Illinois School of Public Health in Chicago. He is also a leading expert on cancer risks of petrochemicals and consumer products, and has authored or co-authored 260 peer reviewed research articles and 12 books, including the prize-winning book, "The Politics of Cancer."

Dr. Epstein will talk about:

  • Common ingredients in cosmetics & personal care products that can be toxic;
  • Toxic ingredients that have been implicated in a wide range of diseases;
  • Safe synthetic and organic alternative products; and
  • Research on this topic from his new book.

Marny Turvill, M.D., owner of Healthy Green Goods, says, "Dr. Epstein is my hero. If you go to only one lecture this year, make sure it is Dr. Epstein's discussion of his new book, Toxic Beauty - How Cosmetics and Personal Care Products Endanger Your Health ... And What You Can Do About It. It will change your life for the better - I promise!"

Seminar Location:

Dominican University, Parmer Hall
7900 Division St, River Forest
Call 708.246.FOOD (3663) or email for tickets.

Admission $20 -- Free for ANA Members & Dominican Students / Employees
Presented by the American Nutrition Association
Sponsored by Healthy Green Goods

For more info: Call the American Nutrition Association at 708.246.3663.

Suggestions, comments, questions? Anything about environmental health that you would like to know about? Email your Chicago Environmental Health Examiner at Follow me on Twitter @chicagoenviron.


  • Scottie 5 years ago

    Thanks for this article - I always check with Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep before buying any facial products or shampoos.

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