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Tonight's Moon Phase - Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Waning Gibbous
Waning Gibbous

Tonight, our beautiful waning moon makes its way through Virgo, the sign of the virgin, giving us a boost of beauty, in all areas of our lives, including the beauty of clarity. We will start to see things in their true light today, and this may help us come to a bright conclusion or solution to problems we may have been having. We may have also noticed an internal cleansing, as this moon favors removing things that are not practical or needed. All times are based in Austin, TX - CST.

As always, the Tonight's Moon Phase series is based on Astronomical Astrology, which means happenings are discussed as they are happening in the actual sky. I always encourage everyone to get a hands-on experience with what they are learning in order to get the full scope of knowledge! Go ahead! Step outside and admire the sky! For those living in or around the Austin area, the UT campus is holding Wednesday night viewings! Also, be sure to check out the Full Moon Dates of 2014!

Tonight's Moon Phase - 82% Waning Gibbous

  • Moonrise - 10:53 pm
  • Moonset - 10:16 am, tomorrow
  • Waning Gibbous - As light leaves the moon, so shall all harmful energies leave our lives - this is an excellent mantra for us to live by as we strive to live with the natural ebb and flow of the earth. Use this time to get rid of anything harmful and unnecessary in your life! Visualize yourself as the moon, and the light that disappears from your body is what you want to be rid of!
  • Moon in Virgo - Virgo is the mutable earth sign of the zodiac. This means that the energy of this time is practical, analytical, knowledgeable, and flexible. You may begin to notice that you are naturally, or even subconsciously, gearing up to shed unnecessary baggage in both, your life and body. You may feel more inclined to exercise or feel the need to move on to a better, more stable position. Use this time to remove obstacles that would uproot stability in your life, as well as detoxify your body. Be weary of outside criticism. Focus on removing obstacles that would stand in the way of finances, careers, health, and intellectual matters.
  • Moon conjunct Mars - Hitting it's peak at around 3:30 pm, expect heightened anxieties, as this combination tends to energize emotions. Be mindful of your own tongue, as well as the tongues of others, during this time!
  • Wednesday - Wednesday is the day of communication, divination, and knowledge! This is a great day to clear your divination items, as well as remove obstacles that bother your communication, such as anxieties and fears!
  • Suggested Prayer / Spell work - Long-term decreasing. Remove blockages in health, knowledge, communication, divination, and careers. Detoxes are great on this day!

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Copyright 2014, Jennifer McDonald

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